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Some of uniqueness of Heron Bird Village

Here are some of the uniqueness of Heron Bird Village and it is a special attraction for tourist.


3 kinds of bird live together

There are 3 different types of birds that life in harmony in the same house, namely nature in Petulu Village.


The Sacred Bird Colony

The bird is a kind of sacred bird in Petulu Vilage. As a symbol of sacred and pure, the people of Petulu Village has made a special Temple for the bird that is located in Pura Desa in that village. The bird also has been made a special ceremony to respect them called “Otonan Kokokan”. The purpose is to save the population of bird  and for the peacful of community. Otonan Kokokan is celebrated every 6 months in Kuningan Day.



Harmonious relationship between humans, animals and nature without any interference from each other.

Let's save the bird for a balance ecosystem and tradition

By purchasing a ticket officially, you have helped us in our efforts to maintain the bird’s survival and the “otonan kokokan” ceremony is always maintained.

Types of bird in Kokokan tourism


This type of bird with a rather large body and long neck with smooth white color.


This type of bird has a smaller body than the Kokokan bird and has a yellow color on its neck and rest.


This type of bird with a small body, similar to a female free-range chicken and has a black color on its back.

Facilities of Heron Bird Village

We will provide serveral facilities to support your convenience in visiting Kokokan Tour


View Point

The view point is the best place to see the beauty of the Kokokan Bird.



We provide a large enough parking area so that you have no trouble finding a parking space when visiting Heron Bird Village.



We provide serveral toilets in the Kokokan tourist area to add to your comfort when visiting Heron Bird Village.


Free Wifi

There is also free wifi in the tourist area of Kokokan.

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Here are some information and contact about us.

Our location

Petulu Village, Ubud District, Gianyar Regency, Bali Province

Opening hours

The best time heron bird coming is at sunset


Phone : 082144540682
Email : wisatakokokan@gmail.com
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